Friday, 15 February 2013

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Treasured Crafts 

I have been crafting for about 6 years this time I was my grandmothers she got my mother into crafting and I just loved crafting because I love to make a mess that me all over if I don’t make a mess then am not crafting glitter there glue there paper all over the floor.

I started genealogy when I was just 3 years old yes 3 years old my mother started genealogy and made me and my sister every weekend and every holiday we had was going to the archives me and my twin sister used to have to sit under the table why my mother did her research and most people said we where the best behaved children they have ever had there haha they didn’t know us that well.

So that’s how I got into crafting and genealogy now for how I got into business we after leaving school I went to collage to train to be a nurse I was at collage for 2 years I fort I was wasting my time after being told I cant do nursing as I am dyslexia I fort you beep beep beep discrimination so then I left and like most people my age I go looking for a job ahhhh well I could not find a job at all there are only so many rejection letters I could get everyone upset me I was on jobseckers they where going on and on and on you know how they are but you know I turned my life around after things happened that was upsetting I put my heart into the business manly because it was my mothers dream to set a craft shop up so I am now doing it for her hope she likes it maybe she take over when she gets better.

I have so many people to thank who helped me get to where I am today SO THANK YOU !!!! I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them people.


My Mum And My Twin Sister And ME !! 
(at Rebecca's wedding my baby sisters got married i am 12 min older lol)

Angel Bear Knit Bears

Angel Bear  Knit Bears For UK Children Charity

Angelbear is a non-profit organisation which is the notion that all children in a vulnerable position should own a teddy bear.

The lovely lady who runs this heart-felt project is very helpful when you ask about the bear and it’s pattern. If you need any help, she has a tutorial page that shows you all the basic stitches you need to complete the bear. 

But rest assured this is a suitable pattern for a beginner and knits up pretty quick.

I felt that I MUST make a teddy bear to contribute to this goal. She’s provides a pattern in which each bear should be based on. But if you have the ability you can change the pattern textures to any you like. 

This sort of thing really appeals to me so I took it upon myself to create a teddy bear with lots of pattern and texture. I wrote this pattern down. You can find it here. Feel free to use this pattern for non-profit and is suitable for this project too.
All you need is some double knitting yarn in a couple of colours where possible and a pair of 4mm needles, a darning needle and polyester toy stuffing. Non of these items are all that expensive and most crafters will have most if not all of these items already. Just make sure they are new or freshly laundered An ideal way to use up any leftover yarns you have and put a smile on a child’s face, which is worth more than anything!


so far i have : 




JIGSAW pieces

JIGSAW pieces 
Today we had to make somthing with jigsaw piecces 
So here is mine:

Here is the Template i used

How to make a jigsaw ring.

How to make a jigsaw ring. 

You will need: 

Step 1 : versa mark ink pad it. 

Step 2 : put embossing powder on it. 

Step 3 : heat gun it. 

Step 4 : glue to your ring. 

Step 5: wait for it to dry.

Step 6 : now you have you jigsaw ring.

Decorate A Baby Onesies

Decorate A Baby Onesies

What you need : 
Glue Gun 
Some Glue Sticks 
A Onesies 

Turn the onesies inside out then lay the onesies out 

Get you ribbon make sure its not knotted up i like to use the ribbon with the elastic on

Then get sticking put a spot of glue with you want the ribbon to go dont burn yourself  then place the ribbon on top

Keep going round unit its all stuck 

Cut off then end and now you have done one bit of the onesies 

Should look like this when you turned it the right way 
Yayyy now you have finished have a lush onesies diffrent to others

Saturday, 18 February 2012



Selling your handcrafted jewelry on line sucks big time! Why??? Because of all the time and effort that's needed to promote your wares to an unseen population of potential customers. And, because anyone else selling jewelry on line is doing exactly what you are doing. Competition is positively enormous. So, where else do we sell our creations? Well, private jewelry parties are great, but hard to come by. So, we turn to the "craft fairs", "handmade fairs", and the holiday fairs. 

Yes, the "fairs" they are a fabulous selling venue. The promoting for the event is not in your hands--ahhhhh, what a joy. And, a joy it is to be able to see your potential customers, to promote your creations in the "Flesh". Who better to promote your jewels than you, the designer. 

Here's some "Don'ts" when selling at a craft fair:
1. Don't appear to be bored, negative, or unhappy--when you go to the fair with the attitude that you are going to have a good time no matter what.

2.Don't eat, read, or chat in your booth or behind your table when potential customers are around. Most likely a customer will walk right past you because they don't want to interrupt your activity. Hey, you're there to sell and to foster a relationship with new or repeat customers. Not possible when doing some other activity.

3. Don't create a display that is "over done"--placing everything you have on your table is too overwhelming--you know the saying--"less is better"--try to use your vertical space to your advantage. 

4. Don't be controlled by your weaknesses--if you are not good at selling then challenge yourself in this area and if you are shy, use this opportunity to be more outgoing. Don't let anything be an obstacle to your success 

5. Don't sell the same old stuff. How boring for a repeat customer to see the same things on your table. 

6. Don't purchase new things unnecessarily. You can reduce your costs and keep your inventory more streamlined if you save your extra beads, scraps from wire, and use them in a piece of jewelry.

7. Don't sell yourself short. Develop a pricing strategy that takes in account your material costs, your time, your overhead, and a percentage of profit. I a customer doesn't appreciated how much skill it took to made a piece, avoid being defensive--educate them.

Now, here's some "Do's" when selling at craft fairs:

1. Do choose your fairs carefully. If you haven't participated in a fair research it to make sure it is the type of fair for you. Check out "The Crafts Report" on You will get lots of info here.

2.Do have a mailing list and a marketing plan. Let past and potential customers know about your fair schedules. Success happens when you get the word out about your fair. 

3. Do act pleasantly to potential customers and the "Fair Producers". If you are unpleasant when selling you will most certainly turn customers away. If you are unpleasant with the fair's producers then you might find that you will not be able to return to sell at that fair again.

4. Do think creatively about displays sales, raffles, coupons, and payment plans for your customers especially during these difficult economic times. If the overhead is too high then try to get a friend to share a booth with.

5. Do take a long view on success. If you have a less than successful fair--learn from it, try to improve. It is important to work to establish long-term relationships with your customers. One smart tactic is to set up a future sale.

6. Do have a next step strategy. When you make a sale let the customer know that you gaurantee your work. If customers need any adjustments or repairs let them know that they can call you to do the work. Also let them know that special orders are welcomed.

7. Do protect yourself from theft. Have a strategy to safeguard your work and your money. Be attentive to what is going on at your table or booth.

Hey guys, by no means is this a full list of the "Don'ts and Do's" for being successful at Craft Fairs. But it's certainly a good beginning!

Good Luck selling in the "FLESH"!!!